Desierto de Siloli

The Siloli is a desert of southwest of Bolivia, located in the department of Potosí. It is characterized by its rock formations product of the strong winds that presents the region. The desert is considered one of the most arid in the world1 due to the low precipitation that occurs in the area. It is […]


The Sun of Mañana is a desert area of ​​approximately 2 km², located to the south of Bolivia, in the department of Potosí, south of the Laguna Colorada on the way to the Salar de Chalviri, at a height of 4850 msnm, inside Of the National Reserve of Andean Fauna Eduardo Abaroa. This area is […]

Hotel del Sal

We invite you to experience a unique experience in one of the most exotic hotels in the world, in a natural, magical and wonderful space. Located on the shores of the majestic Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia, only 25km from the city of the same name, you will find the Salt Palace, unique in its […]

Isla Incahuasi

It is one of the main tourist sites in Bolivia, thanks to the attraction of the Uyuni Salt Flats, also known in the region as Salar de Tunupa, and which is the largest salt desert in the world. Reception to the tourists belonging to the commonwealth of municipalities of Llica and Tahua, in whose territory […]

Volcán Licancabur

The Licancabur volcano, also known as Licancábur volcano (in the Atacameño or kunza language, lickan: “town”, “country”, ckabur, “mountain”, ie “mountain of the people”, or “mountain of the country”), is a Stratovolcano located on the border between Bolivia and Chile, next to the Lagoon Verde. Its last eruption took place in the Holocene period.