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It is one of the main tourist sites in Bolivia, thanks to the attraction of the Uyuni Salt Flats, also known in the region as Salar de Tunupa, and which is the largest salt desert in the world. Reception to the tourists belonging to the commonwealth of municipalities of Llica and Tahua, in whose territory is the island. In this center visitors are charged an entrance to access a well-marked and easily practicable path that crosses the island and allows to enjoy the views on the salar, cobalt blue sky and the hundreds of cactus.

The reception center does not offer the possibility of staying overnight on the island. There is a restaurant with food and drinks of the Andes, although most tourists prefer to have lunch on the salt flat, a few hundred meters from the island, or using tables made with salt tables that are on the edge of the Island, with the menu that includes tourist agencies. The trips to the island are organized from the town of Uyuni, located on land about 100 kilometers to the east.

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